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Dawning Wellness is dedicated to improving the health, attitude, and resiliance of adults through nutrition.

Eating a properly prepared,  nutrient-dense, whole foods diet is the key to improving overall health and reducing a variety of neurological symptoms. Alone or as as a support to more traditional therapies, diet and supplements can have a dramatic impact on physical health and feelings of well-being.

Nutritional Therapy Provides a Quantitative Approach to Nutrition

Certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) are trained in a unique approach to evaluate clients and provide concrete steps to address nutritional issues that may have roots deep in the body. A new credential has been added, the FNTP, which is an NTP who is certified to perform the Functional Assessment.

The Functional Assessment is performed directly on the client's body by the FNTP. The results of the Functional Assessment are evaluated in conjunction with a nutritional questionnaire, an in-depth interview, and an analysis of a food journal. The combined data can help the FNTP hone-in on specific foods and supplements that will address nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

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