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Take the online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).
NAQ reports summarize and rank your health issues.

Find possible nutritional deficiencies, ranked in severity according to your symptoms!

Identify common conditions that match your symptoms, such as:

  • Under /over –active thyroid
  • High / low blood sugar
  • Intestinal dysfunction
  • High / low stomach acid
  • GI inflammation
  • Immune allergy
  • Adrenal stress
  • Liver congestion
  • Yeast overgrowth

REPORT 1: The Symptom Burden Graph

Compiled NAQ answers are associated with structures of the body and particular needs.

  • The higher the score, the more attention is needed for that health indicator.
  • Addressing health indicators from left to right (Upper GI to Immune System) can drastically improve your health.
  • Repeating the questionnaire will allow you to compare results over time, so you can track your progress!

REPORT 2: The Symptom Burden Report part I

Your symptoms are grouped and associated with conditions that have similar symptoms.

  • While not a diagnosis, this report can be shown to your doctor to assist in selecting diagnostic tests.
  • The total "Symptom Burden Score" can be compared over time to track your progress.

The Symptom Burden Report part II

Your symptoms are matched with  potential  nutritional deficiencies and ranked.

  • While not a diagnosis, this report can be a great indicator of where to start. 
  • Additional testing can be done, such as the SpectraCell nutritional analysis, to confirm deficiencies.
  • Comparisons can be done over time, to monitor your progress!

REPORT 3: Client Recommendations

Symptoms and potential nutritional deficiencies are matched with supplements.

  • These supplement suggestions are based on your reported symptoms.
  • The report can show either
    • specific Biotics Research supplements and dosages (as in the image above),
    • or just the type of vitamin and the dosage (so you can choose what brand to use) Example: "Vitamin C, 500mg, 3 times a day with meals."



Symptom Burden Comparison Chart

Compare two Symptom Burden Charts on one graph. (Must buy 2 or more report packages.) 

  • Taking the NAQ several times (on different dates) allows you to plot the differences. Pick dates you want to compare.
  • Visually compare your progress! Lower scores show your improvement. Higher scores show places that need more attention.

Symptom Burden Comparison Report

Compare two Symptom Burden Reports on one graph. (Must buy 2 or more report packages.) 

  • Taking the NAQ several times (on different dates) allows you to see the differences. Pick which dates you want to compare.
  • See the percent of change from one NAQ to the other.


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