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Salt Cave Super-Chargers Class

Ways to Maximize Your Salt Cave Experience!

Location: Austin Salt Cave  in beautiful Lakeway (a burb of Austin)

Visiting salt caves can aid in reducing symptoms of:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Chronic lung & skin issues

Salt Cave Super-Chargers Class, $45 per person:
Learn ways to multiply your benefits from the salt cave!

  • Dry brushing - Learn the benefits of dry brushing the skin, how to do it, type of brush to buy... and a drawing for a free brush!
  • Breathing technique #1 - Learn a calming breath exercise that increases salt contact in the lungs.
  • Breathing technique #2 - Learn a breathing technique to be done at home between salt cave appointments.
  • Helpful salt products -  A review of products to help with acute conditions, to use between salt cave visits.

PLUS, during the class, you get a full session of halotherapy (salt therapy)!
Relax in a comfortable recliner in a salt-lined room and inhale medical-grade salt that mimics the salt-filled air of the ocean.
Chance to win a prize worth $15!

Sorry, there are no classes scheduled through the end of the year.

However, if you have 5 interested people, we can arrange something!





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Dawn Phillips, BA, NTP, FNTP

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